A.P.S. Process Services A.P.S. Process Services is a full litigation services company. With our centrally located Dallas, Texas office along with our east Texas office, we service the entire north eastern Texas area. All of our process serving staff have been authorized by the Supreme Court of Texas. We provide our services throughout Texas, the United States and Internationally. Our firm is known for hard to serve, rushes, and other special circumstance services. Send us your work with the confidence that it will be done right, the first time, in a timely manner.                   Tip the scale         in your favor. A.P.S. Process Services offers competitive  pricing on all of our services including  process service, courthouse filing,  research and skip tracing.  Our prices are  in-line with, if not lower than the law  enforcement agencies in the surrounding  counties, for the same services.  And  unlike the constable or sheriff’s offices, we  give you exclusive attention which in turn  moves your case along substantially faster  and we can meet any special request or  requirements you might have.  Also, we  have bilingual employees who speak both  English and Spanish.    A.P.S. Process Services Office Locations Dallas Office 1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 9300 Dallas, TX 75201 PH: (214) 290-4639 East Texas Office 1612 Warrington Way Forney, TX 75126 PH: (214) 501-1402 Main Email Box: info@apsprocess.com Do I need a process server?                                Hiring a legal process server is an important step in  proceeding with a court case.  In some states,  someone who performs the service of process is  required by law to be authorized by the courts or be  licensed by its respective state to do so.  Even if a  process server doesn’t need to be licensed in the state where you need service, you should keep in mind  that a process server is someone who is experienced  in serving legal documents efficiently.  More  importantly, professional process servers are  knowledgeable of the legislation surrounding the  service of process in their state or county.  There are  several requirements and constraints associated with  serving legal documents that vary from state to state,  or county to county.  If the service is not performed  in accordance with the law, this can hinder your case  from going forward or result in a dismissal of your  case. Customer service is our  top priority. All of A.P.S. Process Service cases and documents are stored  electronically and updated daily.  If at any time you need to  inquire about the status of a case or document we’re working for  you, it’s just a click away.  Yes, that means no more waiting for  someone to wade through stacks of paperwork in order to get an  answer.  Gladly Accepted Copyright 1999-2022 A.P.S. Process Services, All rights reserved