A.P.S. Process Services A.P.S. Process Services Office Locations Dallas Office 1910 Pacific Avenue Suite 9300 Dallas, TX 75201 PH: (214) 290-4639 East Texas Office 1612 Warrington Way Forney, TX 75126 PH: (214) 290-2323 Main Email Box: info@apsprocess.com  Gladly Accepted Copyright  1999 -2021 A.P.S. Process Services, All rights reserved A Little About Ourselves A.P.S. Process Services, with over  twenty two years of experience in  the process serving field is aware  of the need to control costs  associated with process service,  and knows it can offer you the  best service at the best prices.   A.P.S. has an edge over others within the service  sector……all of our process servers are required to dress  and perform in a professional manner at all times during  the course of business. This mandate assures you of a  more successful serve rate and less of a need for a rule  106/536, which can hinder your case from moving forward in a timely manner.   You might question “how this requirement heightens the  likelihood of a more successful serve rate”. Just imagine a  stranger knocking on your door. Wouldn't you be more apt to open the door for a well kept, professionally dressed  person, than otherwise? And from what we've learned, we  know that other service firms do not require the same  degree of professionalism as our company. All of A.P.S.'s process servers have  multiple years of experience and take  their jobs seriously. All of our process  servers have been authorized by the  Supreme Court of Texas to provide all  service processes within Texas, and all  have been carefully instructed in court  procedures and have established  relationships with judges and courtroom  coordinators that allow us to walk  through you orders with greater ease. We look forward to the start-up of a new business  relationship with you, and hope that your firm will favor us as your firm’s service requirements arise. What Others Are Saying About Us I wanted to thank A.P.S.  Process Services for the  services they provided.  A.P.S. went out of their way  several times to help insure  the proof of service would  comply with California  standards since they differ  from Texas. I had them  make several changes and  they went out of their way  to make sure I had  everything in order to file,  in accordance with  California Law. Thanks  again for a job well done. I'd  definitely use A.P.S. Process  Services again.  S. Fong, Petaluma, CA My firm and I have been  using A.P.S. Process Services  for quite some time now. I had  previously never dealt with  such a wonderful process  service company. From the  first call to the completion of  the job, they are always  friendly and professional. I  have had many of statutes  running, but never had a  worry; I knew A.P.S would get  the job done, as always.  Please, if you are reading my  review of A.P.S., let this stand  as a recommendation of a  wonderful company.  Sheryl K., Dallas, TX I would like to thank APS  Process Service, for their  efficient, prompt and diligent  work. I did not have to wait,  they contacted me  immediately after the work  was finished.   D. Thomas, Austin, TX